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Welcome to LA Plaza Cocina’s Blog!

From its historical origins to its migratory routes, and its modern twists on classic dishes, Mexico’s food culture goes beyond its borders and into cities such as Los Angeles, exploring how the story of food evolved. Los Angeles is known for its diversity in cuisines, and dedication to exploring food; it serves as an epicenter for us at LA Plaza Cocina to tell both Mexico’s culinary stories and the stories of its inheritors.

We plan to explore how Mexico’s food culture came alive through historical explorations of each state, and significant indigenous ingredients. In addition, we will go beyond origins and discover food memories that make us feel closer to home. LA Plaza Cocina asks not only about Mexico’s culinary past, but what it will be in the future when traditions are transformed and made new, when the legacies of local restaurants are passed down to the next generation.

The modern world has brought the best when it comes to technological advancements. Considering the way that stories were told in the past, today, the methods of telling the stories of food have evolved onto social media platforms, where we will explore what these new stories are and how that might change our food culture.

LA Plaza Cocina shares a passion for sharing the story of Mexico’s culinary arts. We hope that this blog not only provides you with newfound knowledge on Mexican cuisine, cooking methods and insight, but also share with the rest of the world itself out passion for Mexico’s culinary culture.