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Exploring Mexico: Baja California, North and South

The Northern and Southern states of Baja California are often recognized as borderland states due to their proximity to the United States. Its influence, due to the migration of people from diverse backgrounds moving both north and south of its border, plays a significant role in both its culture and cuisine.

The foods of Baja California have influence not only in its US neighboring land, but also its local oceans due to its peninsular location. Seafood-based dishes are the primary types of foods that are consumed in both the northern and southern regions. However, in the mountainous areas that include areas such as Tecate, are well known for having Mexico’s classic tacos de carne asada and meat-based foods such as Machaca, that is often prepared in burritos.

In Southern Baja California, sting rays are animals that are eaten, and prepared by shredding the meat of the animal, drying it, and then recooking it with tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients that allow for the meat of the sting ray to rehydrate from the sautéed ingredients.

Nevertheless, one aspect that of the state that is incomparable is its wineries. Since the late 1600s, the entire Baja California region has has grapes that are specifically grown for winemaking. It is said that most the wines that are produced in the northern state of Baja California are produced in el Valle de Guadalupe.

The entire northern and southern region of Baja California is a paradise when it comes to its culinary culture both from its land seas. One must pair their dish with a local wine to really enjoy the beloved states of Baja California.