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salsa de tomatillo y chipotle seco

Cookbook Archive

Each month, LA Plaza Cocina features a cookbook that highlights the diversity of the traditional, unique and modern cooking styles of Mexican cuisine. 

Explore our Cookbook Archive to explore our past featured cookbooks that can be purchased at our giftshop, LA Tiendita. 

Salsas Simple Guide to Great Salsas!
March and April 2022
Salsa: A Guide to Making Great Salsas!

By Chef Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu
Chef Jaime and Ramiro's cookbook is a great guide for beginners to learn about the world of salsas, or for those who want to learn new recipes!
March and April 2022
May and June 2022
La Vida Verde: Plant-Based Authentic Mexican Cooking

By Jocelyn Ramirez
Jocelyn Ramirez's cookbook explores the world of plant-based Mexican Cuisine. It's a great cookbook for learning new plant-based recipes at home!
May and June 2022
July and August 2022
Sabores Yucatecos: A Culinary Tour of the Yucatàn
Chef Gilberto Cetina's cookbook provides a window into the world oy Yucatàn's diverse culinary culture. This is a great book to use when trying a new recipe!
July and August 2022