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LA Plaza Cocina’s online book catalog is a place where one can find their perfect cookbook. With topics ranging from Northern Mexican cuisine, Southern Mexican cuisine and desserts, each book provides information and recipes for new and experienced cooks.

Each month, we will be featuring a book and recipe that highlights a unique aspect of Mexican cuisine, whether it be related to a historically significant Mesoamerican ingredient, or holiday favorites. Look out for potential cookbook author events and classes!

Cookbook of the Month

Made in Mexico: The Cookbook

Classic and Contemporary Recipes from Mexico City

By Danny Mena

Made in Mexico: The Cookbook explores the cuisine of Mexico City. 

Chef Danny Mena offers insight on the culinary diversity of Mexico City. With recipes ranging from simple antojos, to beautiful dinner ideas for friends and family, Mena explores how one can cook Mexico City recipes in the comfort of your own home. 

Featured Recipe From The Book

Chiles Secos Rellenos

Recipe Card

About The Chef

Chef Danny Mena

Danny Mena was born in Mexico City. Originally trained within the field of engineering at Virginia Tech, he later pivoted to the field of Culinary Arts. 

In 2017, he opened his restaurant, El Loncheria, in Brooklyn, New York to showcase the flavorful, rustic food of Mexico City. 

This year, Danny Mena became the Executive Chef for Conejo, a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia that focuses on dishes inspired by Mexico City.