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LA Plaza Cocina’s blog is a space where we will explore further the world of Mexican Culinary Arts. With topics ranging from Mexico’s own state’s foods to thought-provoking ideas on what the Future of Mexican Food will be, this is a space where all can gather to explore all things food.

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New at LA Plaza Cocina: Free Cooking Demonstrations

LA Plaza Cocina is excited to share that this year, we will be having Free Culinary Cooking Demonstrations that will be open for the community to enjoy! Our guest chef
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Mexico’s Mesoamerican Treasure: Chocolate

The origins of chocolate are argued to be older than corn itself. Within Mexican cuisine, chocolate is a historical culinary ingredient. Chocolate comes from the fruit of the cacao tree,
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August Almanac 2022

The produce season of August brings the best of summer. With fruits showing their true seasonal colors, it’s the best time to enjoy what the season has to offer. This
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Exploring Mexico: Baja California, North and South

The Northern and Southern states of Baja California are often recognized as borderland states due to their proximity to the United States. Its influence, due to the migration of people
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The Dishes of Mesoamerica: Tamales

Tamales represent the nation’s legendary culinary endeavor with maize. Archeologically, tamales are the oldest form of Mexico’s culinary arts. Fossils of corn husks have been found in southern Mexico. This
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Exploring Mexico: Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes’ culinary culture beholds a space for fruitful discoveries. Mixing their local fruits with meats and cheeses, the state takes advantage of its natural resources to develop a unique culinary
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