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August Almanac 2022

The produce season of August brings the best of summer. With fruits showing their true seasonal colors, it’s the best time to enjoy what the season has to offer.

This month, get excited to enjoy cherries, pears and berries. Try making your own fruit spread by taking all of your favorite berries, add them into a pot with a squeeze of lime and sugar for taste, and cook the fruit until broken down. This spread is great to enjoy on morning pancakes as well as on toast or ice cream!

The heat of Los Angeles is only beginning; for an easy lunch, add a twist to your salad by adding beets for an extra punch of crunchiness and flavor. For an easy salad dressing, take to a small food processor Greek Yogurt, cilantro, garlic. salt, pepper and blend until the mixture is smooth. It’s a creamy dressing to add to any salad and its full of flavor!

For dessert, don’t miss the end of the peach season! Peaches can be eaten solo or fire-grilled. Simply cut the peach in half, remove the pit, and brush with butter. Grill the two sides of the fruit until burn marks appear and enjoy alone or with ice cream after a grill-out!

For those of you looking to find local and seasonal produce, keep an eye out for your local farmer’s market. Here’s a link to find one near you to begin your summer food exploration!

Los Angeles County Farmers Market 

*Los Angeles County Farmers Markets are on page 9-19*