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About LA Plaza Cocina

LA Plaza Cocina

LA Plaza Cocina is the first museum in the United States to explore the history and culture of Mexican food. Devoted to telling the Mesoamerican story of the cuisine’s origin, LA Cocina’s exhibitions and upcoming cooking classes will trace how a world-renowned cuisine has evolved into a contemporary culinary phenomenon.

In addition to our exhibitions and upcoming culinary programs, our website provides a blog and virtual series, En Casa con LA Plaza, that explores further the diversity of Mexico’s food culture. Cook along with us with our Cookbook of the Month and selected recipes.

LA Cocina dedicates itself to exploring how Mexico’s Mesoamerican culinary history is still a large part of the Los Angeles community and the world today.

Mission Statement

LA Cocina is a cultural space that engages in dialogue to explore and bring awareness to the complexities and beauties of Mexican Culinary Arts. As an extension of LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, we are focused on examining and honoring the history of Mexico’s Mesoamerican past, exploring its contemporary interpretations of the present, and imagining its transformative future.

Through inspiring exhibitions, hands-on cooking classes, and cultural events, LA Cocina’s insight advances the way in which Mexican Culinary Arts is viewed both in Los Angeles and around the world.

A Museum & Teaching Kitchen

LA Plaza Cocina is a museum and teaching kitchen. Dedicated to the rich culinary traditions and treasures of Mexican cuisine, it serves as a unique space where the many foods of Mexico can be studied, shared, and savored.

LA Cocina also serves as a gathering space where trained chefs, family cooks, and those interested in learning more and sharing their passion for Mexican food can meet to cook, explore, shop, and dine.

LA Cocina Interior

The Capital of Mexican Food in the U.S.​

Nowhere else in the world other than Mexico is the tradition of Mexican cooking is so widely practiced and cherished than in Los Angeles, California.

From individual households to catering trucks to the growing number of Mexican restaurants and many food festivals, Los Angeles is the undisputable Mexican food capital in the United States.

LA Plaza Expansion​

LA Plaza Cocina expands LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes’ role in celebrating the culinary culture of both Mexico and Los Angeles. LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes is a Los Angeles County Museum serving the public since 2011.

With a wide variety of exhibitions, public and educational programming, LA Plaza continues to explore the history, art, and culture of Mexican, Mexican-Americans, and all Latinos in the founding, growth, and evolution of the Los Angeles region.

About LA Plaza Cocina - Expansión

LA Cocina Staff

Ximena Minotta Martin

Ximena Martin

Director of Programs and Culinary Arts
Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez

LA Cocina Facility Coordinator
Alexandra Alvarez

Alexandra Alvarez

LA Cocina Store Manager